Let’s Celebrate Our Veterans


Today, we would like to a break from the book reviews and pay homage to our fallen heroes.  Our job is to thank them and make sure they have the resources available when they return to live productive lives, help our veterans find jobs, and give our veterans the assistance they need to adjust back to everyday life. Memorial Day is today and we must take the time to thank those that have give their lives for us to be free. We must also salute those veterans that are alive today that have also given so much to maintain our freedom.

So we wanted to show our support for our current and fallen veterans and say thank you for all you have done for us to ensure we have the chance to live free.  Veterans are a group that deserves our respect and assistance whenever we can help.  As a country we have not always given our veterans the support they needed when they got home, but I hope this tide is changing as we need to support the ones that have helped make our lives safe.

Memorial Day is not just an American holiday but a day where we can sit back and appreciate what we have because of the people that came before us to ensure we had a life of freedom.  There is much that we can do to help and I am one that loves to give back and help as much as I can, especially to those that have given me so much in return.

In the future we will review books that are dedicated to the armed forces and veterans and if our readers are interested in suggesting some books in these areas feel free to make a book suggestion here.  Our book suggestion page lets give your thoughts on the type of books we should review on the site and we love hearing from our readers.  This is a very special occasion and we plan to dedicate some time to reviewing books in this area so please leave your suggestions on that page.

We also like to give our veterans a chance to get their voices heard and through our book reviewer program we give veterans a chance to do just that.  Click here to submit your application if you are interested in reviewing books for us and over time this can turn into notoriety for you which can enhance job skills  and increase your value for future employment.  We work with many job placement programs and services to hire veterans like hireusaheroes.com and wehireheroes.com.

So as we enjoy this Memorial Day we say to our readers if you come across a veteran today, make sure to stop, shake their hand, and thank them for their service.  To our veterans, we salute you for all that you have done for the freedom we enjoy.  We hope you are celebrated here at home and get the services you need to live a productive life and enjoy the freedoms you have afforded us.  Again we thank you.

Happy Memorial Day.

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