Happy 4th of July


As we celebrate another 4th of July I like to sit back and say thank you to all the soldiers that gave their lives to making sure we could be free.  There is always a huge risk our soldiers take when they go out into the battlefield and we as Americans should really appreciate what they have done for us over the years and when we have a chance thank them for their service.

As we celebrate our nation’s birthday and go out and look at the fireworks think about all those that gave their lives to ensure we can have the freedom we so richly enjoy.  Being free is a privilege not everyone on this earth has the opportunity to enjoy and we need not take this for granted.  If we were born in other parts of the world, we might be engulfed in was, dictatorship or oppression.  So when we think about the bad things in the United States that take place, remember all the good that happens here and the freedom we are afforded in this country.

Today of all days is a day for us to sit back and spend quality time with family and remember what was given so we can live the life we do.  Again we thank our soldiers for this opportunity and we will never forget how much you gave for us so we can live the life we have.

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