Top 5 Cleaning Books


Cleaning is a broad subject and many of the books in a bookstore cover a wide spectrum of areas in the cleaning niche.  We will touch on 5 of the top books (in no particular order) in the area of cleaning and let you define the type of cleaning you plan to do in and around your home.

1. Martha Stewart’s Homekeeping Handbook

The queen of household related issues, Martha Stewart has been a recognized name for decades and anything she endorses usually has a lot of merit.  This is a good book for the beginner or experienced people alike.  The book has techniques that can be used for any size home.  Whether you have 3 rooms or 30 rooms, this book has techniques to help you get the most from the spaces you live in.

2. The Cleaning Encyclopedia

This book by Don Aslett is an illustrated encyclopedia from A to Z on just about anything that has to do with cleaning.  The detailed illustrations really help explain the how to on cleaning different aspects of your home and the furniture and fixtures inside.  This is a great resource book that should be your go to guide for best practices in cleaning around the house.

3. Clean Like a Man: Housekeeping for Men

This is a unique book written by Tom McNulty that targets cleaning for men or for anyone that tends to lose interest in cleaning quickly.  Tom helps explain why cleaning is important and how it can be done swiftly, effectively and proficiently.  This book was written to appeal to men and women alike so don’t feel you can’t pick this one up if you are not of the male gender.  A different perspective is always a good idea.

4. Green Clean: The Environmentally Sound Guide to Cleaning Your Home

Linda Mason Hunter and Mikki Halpin created this book to touch on using environmentally safe products and methods with basic cleaning techniques.  A nice little quick history of cleaning is included which also touches on toxic elements that are added to most cleaning supplies today.  There is a comprehensive list of green cleaning tools and stain guide to help you have an environmentally safe home.

5. Home Comforts

If you are looking for a must have book that needs to go on your shelf and stay there, this book by Cheryl Mendelson is a must have.  There is a lot of good information for cleaning just about every type of surface you may have in your home and there is a great how-to along with the why you need to.  This is a easy read that will keep you wanting more.  At times you may forget this is a cleaning book.  Any new housekeeper needs to have this in their library.

These five books offer a wide array of techniques that will help any new or experienced cleaner get the job done. There a number of cleaning books available and these have been ranked as some of the top books in the industry by several magazines and professionals alike.  In addition there are some specialty cleaning tips included in many of these books for areas like carpet cleaning, with suggestions on the type of questions to ask professionals if you are looking to hire one for your own home.

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