Welcome to Windowpane-Memoirs your book review website.  We look forward to reviewing some of the top books circulating today.  We will review all different types of books from non-fiction to autobiography’s and everything in between.  Our focus is to give honest opinions on the books we read in this group without holding back. Every month we will review a top book or a category of interest to our readers.

If you are new to this post/website, we love to get feedback from our readers and your input on the books we review. Though we have a select few trusted people to give their opinions on the books we review in our blog articles, we want your guest input as well.  Our trusted reviewers have been with us for a while and follow these guidelines to stay on our trusted reviewers list:

  • Read all the books they are reviewing front to back
  • Good writers that have a command of the English language (good grammar, spelling and sentence structure)
  • They have been editors or reviewers in the past in other groups or for other book review sites
  • Have a good standing with Google+, Yelp, Foursquare and other review websites

These are just a few requirements we have for our reviewers to make sure you (our reader) is getting non-basis opinions from some of the best reviewers in the business.  We take pride in giving you the best information so you can make an informed decision about reading the book, commenting on the book and just getting good information that may help you better understand the book you read.

If you are interested in becoming a reviewer for our site send us an email so we can follow up with you and get your skill set and see which type of books you are interested in reviewing.  We can also have you go through our evaluation period to see if we are a right fit.  We love adding new reviewers to our site all the time since you help keep the site fresh and bring additional perspectives to the site and the books we review.

As a reader of this site, if you have books you would like us to review, please add them to our reviewer book list and if the book is requested enough we will add it to our list of books to read and review in the near future.

We would like to thank all of our readers for frequenting this site, as you make this site worth it for the staff that works with us.  We love getting your feedback and suggestions for improvement and that is why the website has undergone a visual change.

We wanted to make the site more modern and fresh so you can enjoy coming to the site often.  We were asked to change the look and feel of the site as it was a little outdated, and now we believe we have a new design that is fresh and appealing to you our readers.  Let us know what you think as we would like to know if the new design is acceptable.

Again thanks for your feedback and we look forward to the book reviews as they move forward.

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